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this menu is for online ordering at the beach. Simply add the items to your cart and pay online!

 if you have cash only you may order with a waiter & pay as you go, or if you would like to pay for everything together at the end of your stay, you can keep an open tab for the day and leave a card securely with the cashier.

if you wish to change seats, please kindly always check first with your host & proceed to re-scan the menu barcode in your new seats so that your dine-in delivery location updates correctly. 

papas beach is not responsible if items are ordered to the wrong location. 

Food 8am - 9pm
Drinks 8am - 1am

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In stock



In stock

banana, mango, coconut, pineapple, blue spirulina


feta, oregano, papas secret sauce


honey, granola, mixed seasonal fresh fruits, cocoa nibs

choose from chicken or pork


homemade beef meatballs, italian sauce, mozzarella, rocket


beef, caramelised onions & peppers, melted cheddar, buttered bread &...


In stock

peanut butter, granola, avocado, banana & honey


as seen on TikTok

nutella, mini choc chip cookies, big choc chip cookies, cookie...


choose from classic or strawberry